Work Experience Programme

Our Work Experience programme is aimed at undergraduates or those with an equivalent level of education or experience.  We offer two separate weeks each year, one during early summer and one in late summer.

How to apply:

Please complete the Application Form and email it to

Feedback from students who have joined us in previous years includes:

“I found the week to be insightful and very enjoyable”.

“I think the level of effort put into the week from everyone at the firm was excellent and I feel I have come away with a very valuable experience”.

“Showed me how law works in practice, invaluable experience, very different to sitting in a lecture room listening about it”.

“The work experience programme was absolutely fantastic. I found it very interesting and was surprised at how much I’ve learnt. I have a real feel for the workings of a firm and thoroughly enjoyed every stage. The structure of the programme is so different to other schemes. All staff were extremely helpful. Thank you.”

Who can apply for work experience?

Our work experience programmes are currently only available for undergraduates.

What is the selection process?

You can apply via the online application form.

Your application is then assessed against the application criteria.

How long is the work experience programme?

Two weeks.

What tasks can I expect to do?

Our work experience students have the opportunity to work in a variety of teams. You can expect to get involved in a number of different tasks so you can fully understand what it’s like to work in a law firm.