Our team has extensive experience in assisting clients with their rehabilitation, care and support needs following a serious injury or medical accident.

As part of our injury service, Ashtons Legal are able to provide clients and their families with immediate access to our rehabilitation service. This includes access to our Rehabilitation Co-ordinators who are there to identify the needs of our injured clients and will work closely with them to help meet those needs.

Our team has extensive experience assisting clients following a serious injury or medical accident. As well as assessing their individual needs, our team helps provide our clients with access to the rehabilitation, care and support which they (and those closest to them) may require. This is achieved by working closely with NHS teams, local authorities, charities and private health care professionals, as well as liaising with our legal teams.

Background to our rehabilitation service

We understand that many areas of our client’s lives are affected following a serious injury or a medical accident. Many clients have never been in this position before and it can be a confusing and difficult time for them and those around them as they try to come to terms with the changes to their lives.

At Ashtons Legal, right from the very start, we are determined to do all we can to help reduce the stress and strain placed upon our clients and their loved ones by ensuring they get the help and support they need, as quickly as possible.

Our rehabilitation service

You are not alone. We are here to help. Our team is able to assist in a number of ways and we are here to help make the lives of our clients and those close to them as straightforward as possible. For example and where appropriate, as part of our service, we are able to:

  • carry out an early assessment of the client’s needs
  • assist with co-ordinating relevant services and support for our clients and their families
  • assist with discharge planning from hospital where appropriate to support a safe and smooth discharge home, or to another healthcare setting
  • communicate with existing NHS teams, support services, statutory services and medical professionals with regards to ongoing rehabilitation and support
  • provide practical support, advice and assistance to our clients and their families to help them better understand and cope with the situation
  • provide ‘signposting’ for more specialised benefit applications and advice
  • support our clients with referrals to appropriate charities and support organisations
  • advise on any ongoing support, rehabilitation and care issues.

Our Rehabilitation Co-ordinators also support clients and their families who find themselves dealing with asbestos-related diseases.

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