As a nation we are living longer. As a consequence, more of us require assistance in meeting our daily needs in our twilight years. There is a balancing act between what the State can and should provide in meeting our care needs and what we should provide for ourselves.

Who Pays?

Broadly speaking, if you have £23,250 or more of ‘assessable capital’ you will have to fund your own care.

If you have between £14,250 and £23,250 of capital, you will be eligible for some help from the Local Authority.

If you have less than £14,250 capital, the Local Authority will make their maximum contribution, but this may not be the total cost of your care.

It may be possible to obtain a fixed weekly Registered Nursing Care Contribution, depending on your assessed nursing care needs.

It is also possible in some circumstances to request an NHS Continuing Care assessment which, if successful, means that the full cost of the care is paid for by the Health Authority.

How we can help

We have an experienced team who can consider your specific family circumstances and advise you on understanding and negotiating the complicated rules and regulations regarding Local Authority Funding for care, Registered Nursing Care Contributions, NHS Continuing Care and State Benefits. The Team can also assist in challenging financial decisions made by the Local Authority or Primary Care Trust.

It is important that at a time when you are fit and well, you consider planning for your future care needs. This can be achieved through the careful drafting of your Wills, Living Wills, consideration of lifetime giving, and by making sure that you have attorneys to look after your finances and medical and welfare needs if you become unable to do so yourself in the future.

If you, or a loved one is suddenly and unexpectedly facing decisions regarding the immediate provision and funding of care, it is essential that you are fully informed of the financial assistance you are legally entitled to and that you understand the implications of proposed family arrangements to meet care needs before committing yourself.


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