Injuries caused by an accident in a public place can vary from the modestly inconvenient to life changing.

We all need to exercise caution and care in our daily life but sometimes accidents occur because of the fault or negligence of others.

You may have been injured or involved in an accident whilst in a public place such as a park, restaurant or shop. You may have been injured due to faulty and poorly maintained property such as electric shock from fences, falling scaffolding or a faulty life. Businesses, Councils, local authorities even individual property owners such as landlords, have a duty of care to ensure your safety whilst visiting their premises or locations and to maintain property.

Injuries can happen as a result of various incidences and You will need someone to help you protect your ability to pay the bills and look after your family. You should always seek legal advice.

That is where we come in.

At Ashtons Legal, our personal injury lawyers offer the highest level of expertise in running successful public liability claims for people who have been injured in accidents in public places – from sprained ankles and broken bones, to scarring and more serious injuries. Our aim is to get you the compensation you need to help you get better and get on with your life.

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