Losing a limb, or part of a limb, in any circumstances is life changing.

We work with the country’s top experts in rehabilitation, pain control and prosthetics to ensure that our clients get back to enjoying everything they did before the trauma so far as possible.

However the injury has occurred we make every effort to obtain funds early on to enable our clients to access the latest developments in prosthetic limbs, provide the right equipment and adaptations to a house or flat, provide care and assistance and reimburse lost income and expenses, both past and future. We think it essential to focus on the individual’s need and ensure the funds awarded are sufficient to meet those needs for the rest of their lives.

We read and hear day by day of people overcoming the loss of one or more limbs and achieving extraordinary things.

One of our clients went on to demonstrate his achievements and his willingness to help others in the Channel 4 ‘Secret Millionaire’ series. Another is heavily involved in Paralympic sport and charity endurance events. Others have returned to work or started new businesses, developed new sporting and leisure interests or, with the right equipment and assistance, returned to their old ones.

We are proud to have been able to help them achieve their goals.

Loss of a limb creates particular difficulties. Not only is there the loss of function and the need to adapt to new ways of doing simple and complex tasks but also there are issues of phantom pain, stump size and stability and body image.

Ashtons also have a dedicated Client Rehabilitation Service, and we have extensive experience in assisting clients who have had serious physical and/or psychological injuries. Whilst assessing the individual needs of our injured clients, our team helps to provide access to the rehabilitation, care and support required, free of charge. This is achieved by working closely with NHS teams, local authorities, charities, and private health care professionals to assist our clients and their families. We also have rehabilitation specialists on board to assist in the early stages of the claim.

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