In the global society we live in, travel abroad for work or pleasure has become much more frequent.

Unfortunately every year there are people whose travel plans don’t go smoothly. There may be a road accident in transit to your hotel, a mishap in a swimming pool or a skiing injury due to faulty equipment. Some of the most common injuries are caused by a slip or fall of some sort, whether in your hotel, on a cruise ship or at the airport.

If you are injured abroad and it was not totally your fault you are often able to bring an injury claim using a UK lawyer, particularly if you have booked a package holiday. All too frequently, people who are injured on holiday never get as far as seeking legal advice. This is often because the travel company’s insurers make a quick offer of compensation and people accept this because they think it will be less hassle than going to see a solicitor when they return home.

It is important to consider whether a quick offer is made to be helpful – or because they know you may well be entitled to more if you seek independent legal advice.

Next Steps

If you are unlucky enough to be injured on holiday this year, please contact us. We will not charge for the initial consultation and can then work with you to find the most suitable funding arrangement to ensure you can pursue your claim without being out of pocket at any point.

The aim of securing compensation is to make sure that (depending on the extent of your injury) you can gain access to private health care such as physiotherapy and osteopathy by securing an interim payment without having to be on an NHS waiting list or paying for it yourself.

In the UK, the time limit for bringing a personal injury claim is generally three years after the injury was sustained. In other countries, this can vary. If you are injured on the aeroplane or on a cruise liner, the limit is reduced to only two years. Because of the different time limits, it is even more vital that you seek advice as soon as you get home.

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