Under any circumstances, losing a loved one is an extremely difficult time that can leave us feeling rather lost.

However, dealing with the death of a loved one that was caused as a result of medical negligence and was therefore potentially avoidable can leave you feeling confused, angry and betrayed.

We understand that you may be left suffering emotionally, financially and longing for answers.

Our lawyers will handle your case with compassion and sensitivity and will do everything they can to try and help you get your life as back to normal as possible. This will involve securing you compensation, and seeking to hold those responsible for any errors accountable for their actions. We understand that receiving compensation will not turn back time, nor will it make the loss any less painful. However, compensation can eliminate the financial burden that may have been placed on you as a result of negligent care.

By highlighting hospital errors and seeking accountability for their actions, our lawyers will commit to helping you get the answers and apology you so deserve, and hopefully in doing so will allow you to feel some reassurance that your claim will prevent similar mistakes from being made again in the future.

Can I make a fatal medical negligence claim?

If a loved one has died as a direct result of inadequate hospital care then you may be able to make a claim. Our lawyers have successfully helped many families who have unfortunately lost someone as a result of medical negligence. Common causes of fatal medical negligence claims include:

  • failure to diagnose a condition
  • failure to administer the correct treatment within the necessary timeframe
  • surgical errors.

What is the time limit for making a fatal medical negligence claim?

Generally, the time limit for starting a claim on behalf of someone who has passed away is three years from the date of death, or three years from when the family had reasonable knowledge that the deceased received inadequate medical care. We would advise seeking legal advice as soon as possible in order to increase the likelihood of your claim being successful.


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