£785,000 obtained for widow and three children following death of husband after failures in post neurosurgery care

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Sharon Allison, Partner and Head of Medical Negligence, has obtained £785,000 for the family of a young man after he died following successful neurosurgery.

AJ was a young, fit and healthy man with a young family to love and support. Following an acute severe headache, he was admitted to hospital and he was diagnosed with an Arterio Venous Malformation (AVM), which is essentially a tangle of blood vessels where the arterial blood bypasses the capillaries. This usually occurs in the brain, which was the case for AJ.

An attempt was made to treat the AVM non-invasively however it was not possible to remove all of the affected area therefore, he was listed for brain surgery to retrieve the remaining AVM.

The surgery was a success however, post-operatively, an early CT scan indicated raised intracranial pressure. No action was taken to insert either a monitoring device or a drain to reduce the pressure from the fluid build-up in the brain. Sadly, within 48 hours of surgery, his condition had deteriorated to the point that he had suffered from irreversible brain damage and passed away.

Sharon Allison comments: “This was a desperately sad case, not least because AJ lost his life in his prime but that he left such a young family behind. Having such a condition in a young man is tragic, but to come through successful brain surgery, is an achievement in itself. It is very difficult for AJ’s family to come to terms with the fact that it was what happened after the complex surgery that was responsible for his death.

Whilst it may appear to be a large settlement, no amount of money can ever replace what this family have lost and will have to live with moving forwards. A death of a parent in a young family has significant future consequences and uncertainty, which is frightening and unsettling for those left behind.

These settlements are not ‘payouts’, ‘awards’ or ‘wins’ as are sometimes conveyed in the press. It is practical future financial security for a family not only devastated by grief but worry and anxiety about what the future might bring. Finally, it provides much-needed closure on a truly traumatic event in their lives and allows them to find a way to navigate their future without the additional financial burdens placed upon them through bereavement.”

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