Our culture

Our culture is friendly, inclusive, welcoming and approachable. We are one Ashtons team working towards the same strategy and goals.

We strive to offer our employees the right culture and working environment. We treat everyone as individuals and support them to achieve a work-life blend that works for both them and the firm. This is helped by our agile working policy, where a lot of people do a mix of home and office working, and a dress-for-your-day policy.

A culture for all

We encourage our employees to be their authentic selves at work, understanding that encouraging authenticity empowers our employees to be who they are makes them happier at work and will ensure they thrive, develop and succeed.

All of our employees attend Insights training to understand people’s preferences when communicating. We embrace these differences and talk in a common language to get the best out of people and understand each other in a professional setting.

Flexible working

We have a truly flexible working environment focussed on the individual needs of our people while maintaining excellent client service by aligning the needs of the Firm and our clients. As well as promoting internal promotions and transfers to enhance skills and experience. You are not limited to your existing role. We want to utilise individual skill sets to impart their knowledge through coaching and mentoring others.

We remain committed to embedding this culture into the firm, and continually working on how employees can achieve their most desired work-life blend. In many roles, we focus on output rather than presenteeism as we want to trust and empower our staff to complete and manage their workload as they choose.

Training and development

Whilst we are supportive of our employees personally, we are also supportive of their training, development and career aspirations.

We strive to bring out the best in our employees and are committed to continually developing them. We have developed our own in-house training and development programmes open to all employees. All employees also have access to qualifications as well as coaching and mentoring. We have defined pathways in most areas to allow you to lead your own career and fulfil your potential.

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