There are all sorts of legal challenges businesses have to deal with, including choosing the right structure, achieving regulatory compliance and dealing with disputes. Getting the right legal advice at the right time can help your business to run effectively, prevent problems and add real world value to your enterprise.

Whether you are a new or established business, Ashtons’ corporate and commercial solicitors in Norwich can help you to get the right legal frameworks in place to match your commercial requirements.

We work with everyone from sole traders and partnerships to family firms, SMEs and large national companies. Having advised business clients throughout East Anglia for many years, we can provide the proactive, business-minded legal advice and representation you need.

So, if you need help with structuring your business, preparing and reviewing contracts and agreements, corporate decision-making, dispute resolution or any other aspect of setting up and growing your venture, we are here for you.

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How we can help your business with corporate law

Business structures

Getting the right structure in place for your business is really important as it affects various key issues, including how business decisions are made, what tax you will pay and your level of risk if things go wrong.

If you are starting a business or considering restructuring, our corporate lawyers in Norwich can talk you through the various types of structures, their benefits and which best match your needs. We can then take care of the legal details e.g. registering with Companies House where required.

We can also assist with matters such as drafting and reviewing partnership agreements and shareholders agreements, as well as offering company secretarial services.

Corporate decision making

Companies need to have clear processes in place for how shareholders will make decisions. This ensures that when decisions need to be made, this can happen efficiently and effectively without generating unnecessary and unhelpful conflict.

We can advise you on decision-making processes, including using written resolutions and general meetings where appropriate, so you can always make the decisions you need when you need to make them.

Terms & conditions

Your terms of business help to define customer expectations and can provide a robust legal defence in the event of any customer disputes. Making sure they are fit for purpose can therefore save you a lot of time and money, as well as protecting your reputation.

Our corporate and commercial solicitors in Norwich can create terms and conditions that match your needs. We can also review any existing terms and conditions you have and give a realistic assessment of where you may need to make updates to best protect your business.

Find out more about our terms of business services.

Commercial contracts & agreements

Well-written contracts and agreements provide certainty for your commercial relationships and protection against disputes. It is essential to have these vital documents drafted by an experienced commercial contract lawyer and that any documents you are asked to sign are reviewed by an expert to make sure they match your interests.

We can draft and review all types of commercial contracts and agreements for you, including:

Intellectual property

Whether you are a sole trader or a large national company, you will have intellectual property (IP) that your business relies on. This might be as straightforward as your brand name and logo or your IP might include more complex assets, such as product designs and databases.

Our corporate and commercial lawyers in Norfolk are experts in IP protection and IP disputes. We can review your business and advise you on which assets need protection and how to do this. If you believe your intellectual property has been infringed, we can also assist you with taking the appropriate legal action.

Find out more about our intellectual property law services.

Licensing & regulatory compliance

Achieving compliance with all relevant regulations and licensing rules is critical for any business. Fail to do so and you risk being hit with a heavy fine as well as the potential for serious damage to your reputation.

We advise a wide range of businesses on licensing and regulatory compliance, including licence applications and appeals, guidance on regulatory requirements and dealing with regulatory and licensing breaches.

Mergers & acquisitions

A merger or acquisition can be an opportunity to strengthen your business by allowing it to rapidly grow or diversify. However, these transactions must be carried out the right way, with proper due diligence or you risk hurting your venture, rather than helping it.

Our corporate lawyers can with every stage of a merger or acquisition, advise you on all of the issues you need to consider making sure the deal suits the long-term interests of your company.

Find out more about our expertise with mergers and acquisitions.

Corporate dispute resolution

Legal disputes can be very damaging for a business, wasting time, money and effort, as well as having the potential to negatively impact your reputation and commercial relationships.

Our business dispute resolution team can help you find fast, cost-effective solutions to even the most contentious issues, usually without the need for court proceedings. By focusing on your overall commercial goals and priorities, we can ensure you get an outcome that protects your business as quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

Find out more about our business dispute resolution services.

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