Terms of Business can be very important. They will underpin your business transactions and they will help protect your business.

At Ashtons Legal, our commercial lawyers know that every business is unique and the problems and issues you face will vary accordingly.

That is why we take the time to understand your business and will tailor your trading terms to suit you.

We can also ensure that you are guided properly on how to guarantee your terms apply. It is not only what is written into your terms that is important but how you use them.

All too often a business has in place a very well written set of terms and conditions, but in a dispute the Courts may well decide that they are unenforceable as they have not properly been incorporated into the commercial relationship.

Moreover, our commercial lawyers will look at the commercial circumstances in which you operate and take a practical approach in what we do. For instance, if you are a small supplier providing goods to a large supermarket chain, you are likely to be supplying on their terms and conditions which will be non-negotiable. We would waste your time and money if we drafted a set of terms for you – this we will not do and you may find our time better spent guiding you through the terms of the major supermarket chain so you can understand the risks and take practical steps to minimise them.


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