When receiving medical treatment, we put our trust in clinical professionals to safeguard our health. Unfortunately, mistakes happen and can have devastating consequences for patients and their loved ones, affecting their health and wellbeing, ability to work and finances.

Where clinical errors are caused by negligence, this is referred to as medical negligence (or sometimes ‘clinical negligence’). In such cases, compensation may be available and is often the only option to get the financial and practical support necessary to start putting things right and getting your life and your family’s lives back on track.

At Ashtons Legal, our medical negligence solicitors have been helping victims of negligent medical errors to secure compensation for decades. With industry-leading legal skills and the highest standards of personal client service, we can help you get the compensation you deserve as quickly and easily as possible.

We can also help with managing compensation and accessing the care you need, helping you to achieve the best possible long-term outcome for your health.

To ensure everyone can access our legal expertise, we offer no win, no fee funding options. This means there is usually no upfront cost to start a claim and no financial risk to you.

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Why choose Ashtons Legal for your medical negligence compensation claim in Norwich?

Ashtons Legal has been awarded Tier 1 ranking in clinical negligence and personal injuries by the Legal 500 for East Anglia and the top Band 1 ranking for both areas from Chambers & Partners for Norwich and the surrounding area. This provides independent recognition of our status as one of the UK’s top law firms for clinical negligence and personal injury claims.

We have particular expertise in complex and high-value claims and a strong track record of securing compensation without the need for contentious and stressful court proceedings.

Our Head of Clinical Negligence Sharon Allison has been individually recognised by the Legal 500 as a leading individual in the field of Clinical Negligence law. Partner Ben Ward is a Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer.

Our team is accredited by the Law Society for Clinical Negligence law, providing further independent verification of our leading expertise.

Book a free, no-obligation discussion about starting a medical negligence claim in Norwich

We offer a free initial consultation to anyone who believes they may be owed medical negligence compensation.

This gives you the opportunity to explain the circumstances that led to your injury and have your questions answered in plain English. Our team can then talk you through your options and you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.

Please be assured, there will with no pressure from us to pursue a claim unless you are sure this is right for you.

To arrange a free initial consultation in complete confidence with our medical negligence claims lawyers in Norfolk, please contact our Norwich office now.

Our medical negligence claims expertise

Our Norwich medical negligence lawyers can assist with all types of medical negligence claims, including:

How we can help you claim medical negligence compensation

Establishing whether you are owed medical negligence compensation

To get your claim started, we will need to show that there is strong evidence your injuries were caused by medical negligence. We will collect and review all relevant evidence on your behalf, including medical records, accident books, witness testimony and CCTV footage.

We can then use this evidence to build a strong case that gives you the best chance of securing compensation.

Determining how much compensation you are owed

Knowing how much compensation you may be entitled to is critical. We will review all relevant factors, including the extent of your injuries, and impact on your life – both financial and personal. This will help to ensure the damages you receive fully reflect the harm you have suffered.

Out-of-court settlements for medical negligence claims

In almost all cases, our medical negligence solicitors are able to secure maximum compensation for our clients through an out of court settlement. This allows you to avoid the time, legal costs, stress and uncertainty involved with court proceedings.

Taking your medical negligence compensation claim to court

In some rare cases, court proceedings may be needed to help you secure a fair outcome. Our team has a very strong track record of success in court litigation and we can ensure your case is prepared effectively and that you have the best possible representation in court. We will also be there to provide close personal support every step of the way.

Securing interim payments for medical negligence

Often immediate financial assistance is needed to cover treatment costs and other urgent expenses. In such cases, we will work to secure interim payments to cover these costs while your claim is ongoing.

Managing your medical negligence compensation

When compensation is secured, it is important to manage the funds effectively so you can receive the maximum benefit. Our Client Funds Management Team can advise on setting up a Personal Injury Trust to hold your compensation and protect your access to means-tested benefits, as well as managing compensation for those unable to handle their own financial affairs.

Accessing rehabilitation and care support

It is often challenging to access the right care and support following an injury and this is an area where our team shine. Our Client Rehabilitation Managers can help to connect you with all of the various services you or your loved one require, making it easier to get the best possible care. 

Funding for medical negligence claims

No win, no fee medical negligence claims

The vast majority of our medical negligence clients fund our services with a Conditional Fee Agreement. (CFA). This is often called ‘no win, no fee’ medical negligence funding.

With this type of funding, you do not pay anything to start a claim – our fees will only be applied if and when we secure compensation for you. If your claim does not succeed, you won’t owe us anything.

Read more about no win, no fee funding deals.

Legal aid for medical negligence claims

Legal aid is not available for most types of medical negligence claims but is still offered for qualifying birth injury claims. Our medical negligence solicitors will be happy to discuss this with you and advise you on the process for applying for legal aid where appropriate.

Funding a medical negligence claim with legal expenses insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance that offers sufficient cover, this may be an option for funding your medical negligence claim, depending on the circumstances.

Book your free initial consultation with our medical negligence solicitors in Norwich

To arrange a free initial consultation in complete confidence with our medical negligence lawyers in Norfolk, please contact our Norwich office now.


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