Employment Status

Your status as an employee, worker or self-employed and whether you are fixed term, part-time or supplied to a business via an agency has a significant bearing on your working rights.

The employment rights and tax treatment attached to each type of status are different. Your status will also determine if a business is vicariously liable for your actions whilst you work with/for them. For these reasons, challenges to working status are regularly newsworthy.

As your status is at the core of what rights protect your working position, we have extensive experience in ascertaining what your status is likely to be. Our clients are mostly employees, but we are able to assist if you are:

  • zero hours / casual worker
  • apprentice
  • volunteer
  • office–holder e.g. director
  • home worker.

We are well equipped to deal with individual status queries as well as advising groups of individuals seeking to challenge their status, in order to get improved rights. For example, because they are seeking to obtain holiday pay.

We regularly draft contracts to record working arrangements and can therefore assist in reviewing or preparing related documentation, such as consultancy agreements, employment contracts and apprenticeship documentation.