Disciplinary, Grievance, Performance & Capability

Should you find yourself the subject of performance management or ill-health absence management, you are likely to be concerned about how best to engage or withdraw from the process in a way that best protects your employment and your legal position.

Likewise, being the subject of disciplinary proceedings or finding the need to raise a grievance individually or as a group sharing a common concern, is an unsettling time and we can offer support through this.

Ways in which our team can assist are:

  • advising on your employment rights
  • advising on your employer’s process
  • ways to challenge a performance improvement plan
  • what to expect from any investigation into your medical position
  • advising on whether any subsequent dismissal would unreasonably impact your receipt of employment health benefits
  • advising on additional information to request which may help your position
  • preparing written submissions and scripts
  • advising you on grounds of appeal
  • advising tactically how to navigate your way through the process
  • ensuring you remain focused on any time limit to bring a claim
  • advising on whether to have an ‘off the record’ conversation in order to amicable settle the issue
  • issuing a claim to protect your position should the issue not be resolved to your satisfaction.

We know that this will be a stressful time for you and we will offer practical advice in a supportive way.