Contracts of Employment Solicitors

Whether you start a new position or have been issued with revised terms and conditions of employment, we can provide you with a sounding board and specific advice so that you fully understand the implications of your contract. Where appropriate, we can assist with negotiating improved terms.

Should your employer be seeking to change terms and conditions for employment for a large number of individuals, minimum periods of consultation may apply and if these are breached, compensation may be payable to each affected employee.

We advise Senior Executives and Directors on the implications of Service Agreements including restrictive covenants, share options and bonus schemes. We also regularly draft and negotiate consultancy agreements.

Our Employment team can assist by:

  • advising on the interpretation of your contractual terms and whether they are reasonable and/or can be enforced by the employer
  • advising you on the process your employer should follow to change your contract
  • how to respond to an employer who is seeking to change your terms
  • whether you should work under protest to preserve your position whilst remaining an employee
  • advising on the reach of any post-termination restrictions (e.g. non-solicitation of clients)
  • defending claims for breach of contractual terms, including post-termination restrictions in the High Court.