Our Employment lawyers are able to advise on good practice throughout the recruitment and selection process in order to recruit individuals who are a good fit for the role and avoid the risk of claims being brought against it (or to successfully defend such claims).

They can highlight the issues that might arise at each stage of the recruitment process from preparing a job description and person specification and interviewing candidates to making an offer of employment and carrying out appropriate and proportionate pre-employment checks.

They can also provide guidance on discrimination issues and on data protection issues arising from dealing with personal data received from job applicants.

Our Employment lawyers can advise individuals who have been treated unfairly when applying for a job. You might be able to challenge an employer’s decision if you believe they have acted in a discriminatory manner, for example, you were not offered a job because of your sex or race.

Alternatively, it may appear that an employer has not followed their own rules or recruitment policy, for example, if you’re told you cannot apply for a job because it requires a specific qualification which you do not have but they allow someone else without this qualification to apply.


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