Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap 2021

Ashtons Legal, along with all other UK employers with over 250 employees, are required to publish data on their gender pay gap in line with the gender pay regulations.

The gender pay gap is the difference between men’s and women’s average earnings within an organisation, expressed as a percentage of men’s earnings (which are nationally higher).

Our report (Gender Pay Gap Report 2021) shows Ashtons’ overall median and mean gender pay gap and bonus gap based on hourly rates of pay as of the snapshot date of 6 April 2021, and bonuses paid in the year to 6 April 2021.

On 6 April 2021, Ashtons Legal had 326 relevant employees.

Review of our data

Each year, as soon as we have collected the data, we review any progress we have made and look at the reasons why we still have a gap. The presence of a gender pay gap does not mean an employer has an equal pay issue and the two issues should not be confused.

We continue to have a disproportionate female to male ratio, with 77% of our workforce is female and 23% being male. Our statistics are very similar to other law firms across the sector.

One of the reasons for a gender pay gap is occupational segregation in the legal profession and society more generally. For example, many of our lower-paid roles attract almost exclusively female applicants. We seek to counter this with engagement with schools, universities and others to highlight career opportunities within the legal sector.

The data shows again that both male and female employees have equal access to bonuses with the median being 0%. The gap in terms of the mean is in favour of females.

We are working hard towards minimising the gender pay gap and are proud of everything we continue to do to break down barriers for females in our workplace. We know there is always more we can do and discuss this openly across our business encouraging feedback at all levels.

What we are doing about our gender pay gap?

We continually monitor our gender pay gap in order to help us identify and where possible, improve our pay gap. Addressing our gender imbalance is a way we can create a diverse and inclusive workforce. Our strategy is guided by the principle of working together as an inclusive team to transform our business in accordance with our core values.

At Ashtons, we assist all our employees to develop through learning and development opportunities that enable everyone to become the best they can be. This is done through internal leadership training as well as helping gain experience and advancement in other sectors and specialisms within the firm. Due to the success of these programmes, we now have considerably more females than males in our associate and senior associate levels. We are proud of all we have done to make career progression in our business equal to all and support all genders. However, the 2021 Gender Pay Gap Report does show there is still more to do in facilitating a higher level of female representation at senior levels of the business.

Our culture and working environment

We strive to offer our employees the right culture and working environment. We treat everyone as individuals and support them to achieve a work-life blend that works for both them and the firm.

Our aim is to create a culture where everyone can be themselves at work and are able to thrive, develop and succeed. We have taken huge strides in offering flexible working to staff and are working on developing this even further with the help of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which leads and promotes new initiatives to promote our diverse and inclusive business.

We remain committed to embedding this culture into the firm, and continually working on how employees can achieve their most desired work-life blend. We also provide a generous and supportive package for mothers, fathers, partners and adopters.

You can view Ashtons Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 by clicking here: Ashtons Legal Gender Pay Gap Report 2021.


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