Our dedicated team of legal experts have the experience, knowledge and commitment to help our clients achieve the best possible outcome following their injury. At Ashtons Legal, we always place our clients at the centre of everything we do and work closely with them every step of the way to help get their lives back on track as quickly as possible.

Injury Claims

Motorcyclists are more vulnerable than a lot of other road users and are often left with serious injuries if they are involved in an accident. Although many riders wear the protective gear and are skilled in their riding, this cannot prevent all injuries.

If you are unfortunate enough to have been injured whilst riding a motorbike we are able to help you obtain the treatment, care, support, advice and compensation you require and deserve.

We have extensive experience in assisting clients who have suffered a wide range of physical and/or psychological injuries. We endeavour to take the time to understand our clients and their needs, treating them as individuals, tailoring the care and support to them.

Our personal injury specialists are there to quickly and smoothly guide you through the claim process, making sure you are kept up-to-date and involved, every step of the way.

Fault for the accident

Often there is a dispute as to who was at fault for the accident. Disputes commonly arise where drivers struggle to gauge the distance and speed of an approaching motorbike, or it may be a SMIDSY (“Sorry mate, I didn’t see you”). Other circumstances might include filtering, overtaking, or generally where drivers fail to check their mirrors or ‘blind spots’ properly and come into conflict with motorcyclists.

Obtaining the right evidence and getting the right advice as soon as possible is key. Such evidence can include:

  • Video (eg, ‘dashcam’ footage) or photographs of the accident and vehicles
  • Witness and police details
  • Vehicle damage documentation

If the accident was not your fault or even if you are partly at fault, you are likely to be entitled to at least some compensation.

We are able to utilise our specialised skills and experience to fight your corner to get the right result, whilst offering practical advice and assistance.


Due to their vulnerability, injuries tend to follow most motorcycle accidents and range in severity from those involving cuts and bruises through to serious spinal and head injuries, loss of limbs, and fatalities. Our specialist team of personal injury lawyers can help you no matter what level of injury you have suffered.

We have our own ‘in-house’ rehabilitation specialists who are on hand to assess the needs of our injured clients and their families. They work closely with our legal teams to ensure those needs are best met and our clients are receiving the right level of support, care, advice and treatment.

Why choose us?

At Ashtons Legal, our main focus is always YOU.

We recognise we are dealing with individuals and that injuries affect people in different ways. We are committed to helping our clients recover as much quality of life as possible, as quickly as possible and are there to help our clients achieve their goals, right from the start, through to the end.

Our personal injury specialists offer the highest level of expertise and experience  and as well as supporting the treatment, care and support needs of our clients, we aim to get them the compensation they need to help them  get on with their lives. We understand that money cannot change the past but it can make a difference to the future.

Whilst the claim is ongoing, we strive to obtain interim payments to replace lost income and cover any immediate (and ongoing) financial needs, including helping our clients access treatment, equipment, care or support, a lot of which is not always readily available through the NHS.

Each step of the way, we are able to offer practical advice and assistance to help make the lives of our clients and those around them, as uncomplicated and ‘stress free’ as possible, making sure the

We represent clients across the whole of England and Wales and also act for clients who have been unfortunate to be involved in accidents abroad.

How long do you have to make a claim?

Depending on where the accident took place and how the injuries were sustained, normally, a claim can be made up to three years from the date of the accident. However, Ashtons Legal recommend you make a claim as early as possible as some claims are subject to very strict time limits.

If the injured person is a child or lacks mental capacity, a claim for compensation can still be made on their behalf. For a child the three years will begin on their 18th birthday and for someone who lacks capacity there is no time limit for them to make a claim. Again, we would advise seeking legal advice as early as possible.

First and foremost, however, medical attention should be sought at the earliest possible opportunity.

How much is my case worth?

As every injury and its effect is personal to each individual, the amount you are able to recover in compensation will vary from case to case. It will depend on your unique set of circumstances and your losses incurred as a direct result of the accident.

Our personal injury specialists will be able to specifically advise you on this and on what is required in order to be able to determine the appropriate level of compensation.

What to do if contacted by an insurance company

Some insurers or their associates will try to make contact to persuade you to deal directly with them. The insurers do this in an attempt to save money and are likely to make a low offer in the hope that you will settle quickly and the claim can be closed. However, since 1st June 2021, in the absence of formal medical evidence to support the injuries suffered, insurers or their associates are no longer legally allowed to make ‘pre-med offers’. If such an offer is made directly to you, we would advise you to seek legal advice.

How can we help you?

If you or a loved one have suffered an injury or illness or there has been a fatality in the last three years that you believe was someone else’s fault, please contact our personal injury solicitors at Ashtons Legal for a free and confidential consultation on making a claim.

To enable our specialist personal injury lawyers to assess your case and advise how we may be able to help, please fill in our simple enquiry form and we will be in touch shortly.
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