£245,000 obtained for head and whiplash injuries following a road traffic collision

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Tom Ranson, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, obtained compensation of £245,000 for Mr M after he was involved in a road traffic accident.

Mr M was in slowing down in traffic when another motorist drove into the rear of his vehicle. He suffered a whiplash injury and hit his head (sustaining a mild traumatic brain injury), as well as suffering from a psychiatric reaction to the incident.

Despite ongoing symptoms, Mr M was only off work for a short period and he underwent treatment, which assisted his recovery but did not cure his symptoms. He continued to have problems with his memory, ability to concentrate and plan/organise things and continued to suffer from anxiety, frustration and fatigue, the combination of which affected his ability to function, day to day, as before, although he continued to work.

The other motorist’s insurer was initially unwilling to assist with Mr M’s rehabilitation and instead made an offer of £40,000; however, on our advice, the offer was rejected by him and alternative arrangements made for treatment.

We obtained evidence from various medical experts and were then able to follow up on their treatment recommendations, as well as being guided by them in terms of considering the medical issues. We were also able to obtain engineering evidence dealing with the biomechanics, which the insurer had indicated was an issue in this case.

In the meantime, the insurer made a further offer of £75,000 which, again on our advice, was rejected by Mr M. Court proceedings were subsequently issued. This led to an increased offer from the insurers, before the insurers accepted Mr M’s counter-offer of £245,000.

Tom Ranson comments: “This was a complex case, both in terms of the medical issues and evidentially and one that from the outset was met with a great deal of scepticism by the other motorist’s insurer. Fortunately, the science and the medicine was with Mr M and with the support of all on his side, we were able to achieve the right result for the right reasons.”

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