If you are unfortunate enough to have been injured in an accident whilst travelling in a motor vehicle then we are able to utilise our highest level of expertise to help you obtain the treatment and compensation you deserve.

A motor vehicle accident can include:

  • Car accident
  • Bus/coach/minibus accident
  • Van accident
  • Lorry accident
  • Any other form of motor vehicle

Fault for the car accident

Often there can be a liability dispute where neither party are willing to accept that the accident was their fault. We are able to utilise our specialised skills and experience to fight your corner to get the right result.

Obtaining the right evidence can be key, so it is important to seek good legal advice as soon as possible. Such evidence can include:

  • Video or photographs of the accident and vehicles
  • Witness details
  • Police details
  • Vehicle damage documentation

If the accident was not your fault or even if you are partly at fault, then you will be entitled to compensation. If the driver of the vehicle you were in was to blame for the accident, then it is most likely you will be able to make a claim as a passenger.


Injuries from motor vehicle accidents can be far ranging, from soft tissue injuries to the neck or back, through to serious spinal and head injuries, loss of limbs, requiring long term care and treatment, or fatalities. Our specialist team of lawyers can help you no matter what level of injury you have suffered.

Why choose us?

At Ashtons Legal, our personal injury lawyers offer the highest level of expertise combined with personal attention for each of our clients. Our aim is to get you the compensation and treatment you need to help you recover and get on with your life. We utilise the compensation process to help secure interim payments and treatment where practicably possible, whilst the case is ongoing.

Our extensive experience, knowledge and motivation helps us to achieve the best outcome for our clients. Ashtons adopts a client first approach.

Ashtons offices are all based in East Anglia, however we represent clients across the whole of England and Wales.

How long do you have to make a claim?

A claim can be made up to three years from the date of the car accident. However, Ashtons Legal recommend you make a claim as early as possible. First and foremost, you should seek medical attention at the earliest possible opportunity.

If the injured person is child or lacks mental capacity, a claim for compensation can still be made by an appropriate adult on their behalf. For a child the three years will begin on their 18th birthday and for someone who lacks capacity there is no time limit for them to make a claim.

How much is my case worth?

As every injury and its effect is personal to each individual, the amount you are able to recover in compensation will vary from case to case. It will depend on your unique set of circumstances and your losses incurred as a direct result of the accident.

What to do if contacted by an insurance company

Some insurers or their associates will try to make contact to persuade you to deal directly with them. The insurers do this in an attempt to save money and are likely to make a low offer in the hope that you will settle quickly and the claim can be closed. This may mean that you do not get the compensation you are entitled to.

Ashtons Legal are members of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) and their research shows that claimants receive offers which are at least 42% lower when they are not legally represented.

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