When diagnosed with an asbestos condition. It is often a very difficult time. We understand that financial compensation is not the only thing that is on your mind, but we will do our utmost to recover a settlement during your lifetime. If this is not possible, we will seek compensation to ensure that your loved ones are financially secure.

Most people have not made a personal injury claim before and it is difficult to know what can be claimed. Our specialist asbestos team can guide you through the compensation process.

In personal injury claims, there are two elements. The first element is an award for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (general damages), which is a financial award for the physical and emotional pain caused by your disease.

The second element is an award or Special damages. This can include loss of earnings if you are still at work; this also applies if you are self-employed, loss of pension and loss of services.


A sum can be claimed for gratuitous care provided by friends and family during your illness.

Aids and equipment

Often it is difficult to access aids and equipment from statutory services. Our team can assist with this, but if it is not possible and we have grounds to make a legal claim, then these equipment costs can be recovered, e.g. shower seats, stairlifts, electric beds and reclining chairs.

Medical Costs

In recent years, there are increasing claims for immunotherapy and non-NHS treatments which we are seeking to recover.

Mesothelioma UK is providing regular updates in relation to clinical trials and other non-NHS treatment.

If you are unable to obtain NHS treatment and you wish to pursue other avenues, please discuss this with your solicitor and contact Mesothelioma UK to seek a second opinion. They also have a travel scheme where you may be able to recover the costs of attending your treatment away from home.


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