The below deal sheet shows a small selection of the deals Ashtons was involved in during 2018 and the approximate values of these projects.

Bank / FinancierTransaction and Loan ValueYear Completed
Handelsbanken PlcCompleting securities over a business park in Cambridgeshire and properties in Norfolk for the re-financing of one of the Bank’s investor customers. The value of the loan was £2.1m.2018
Handelsbanken PlcWe advised the Bank in connection with providing secured funding to a syndicate of investors to finance the construction of a new unit on a business park in South Cambridgeshire. The loan value was £3.6 million and the security value £7.2 million.2018
HSBC Bank PlcAdvising the Bank on securities for the re-financing of a new client in the agricultural sector. The security was comprised of legal charges over its main factory site and an investment property. The debt value was £2.9m.2018
HSBC Bank PlcAdvising the Bank and its customer (a company in the recycling sector) with the refinancing of its main site in Suffolk, £1.5m property value.2018
Clydesdale Bank PlcAshtons advised Clydesdale Bank Plc in connection with the refinancing of a care homes business in Norfolk. This advice included guidance on debentures and cross-guarantees. The facility was £2.4m.2018


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