£125,000 obtained following a road traffic shunt

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Tom Ranson, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, obtained compensation of £125,000 for Mr T after he was involved in a road traffic accident.

Following the accident, Mr T suffered from a combination of neurological and psychological symptoms. For example he had problems with his senses, experienced dizziness, frequent headaches and also had difficulty with his memory and his ability to concentrate and plan or organise things. Mr T also suffered from anxiety, frustration and fatigue; this combination affected his ability to function day to day, as before.

Mr T originally instructed another law firm but the solicitors were unable to progress his claim to his satisfaction. The opinion of the medical expert they instructed was, essentially, that there was “nothing wrong with him” and Mr T’s claim was put into the low value ‘Portal’ process, with a settlement indicated between £1,000 to £25,000.

Mr T sought a second opinion from Ashtons Legal and having discussed matters with Tom Ranson, transferred his case. The medical experts instructed by Ashtons diagnosed Mr T as suffering from Post Concussional Syndrome coupled with a mild neurocognitive disorder. Another specialist diagnosed Mr T as suffering from a mild balance disorder.

The Defendant’s insurer refused to assist with his rehabilitation or to help him financially. Fortunately, Ashtons Legal were able to make alternative arrangements on Mr T’s behalf and were able to put the treatment and support recommendations in place for him. The Defendant’s insurer then made an offer of £70,000 on a “take it or leave it” basis. On our advice, Mr T “left it” and we issued Court proceedings on his behalf. This led to increased offers at various stages before a final settlement of £125,000 was negotiated.

Tom Ranson comments: “Mr T felt very uneasy about the direction in which his case was heading before coming to Ashtons for a second opinion. The settlement we went on to achieve for Mr T, having fully explored his medical diagnoses, entirely vindicates the decision he took to seek another opinion. Consequently, Mr T is now able to move on with his life with better future options and security than would have otherwise been the case. This is another claim that could have been compromised for very little, instead Ashtons are delighted to have been able to secure for Mr T the compensation he really deserved.”


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