Terms and conditions blunder by Brexit ferry company

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It has recently been reported in the press that a freight ferry company who were awarded a £13.8m government contract to provide extra ferry services as part of their no-deal Brexit planning had no ships!

Now it turns out that the freight firm Seaborne Freight are under further scrutiny as to their suitability to handle such a contract after it emerged that the company had allegedly used terms and conditions envisaged for a takeaway delivery site.

Whilst Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has defended the government’s decision, the ridicule and bad press associated with such a blunder has done no favours to the reputation of Seaborne Freight.

According to Paul Mitchell, a solicitor in Ashtons Legal’s Corporate and Commercial team: “An incident like this can cause immeasurable damage to the reputation of a business and is a prime example of why businesses, whether start-up or well-established, should ensure that they have their terms and conditions and other policies in order, and that those terms and conditions accurately reflect the current form and scope of their business activities.”

Paul has previously expressed why businesses should go to the effort and expense of ensuring that they have suitable terms and conditions in place. You can read his previous article here.

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