Divorce and the Coronavirus Effect

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We are seeing enforced or elected isolation with one’s spouse having a negative effect on the relationship of some married couples.

Evidence from China suggests that divorce rates have risen significantly as a direct result of couples spending much more time in each other’s company than otherwise would have been the case.

Undoubtedly, couples can plan to use this newfound time together constructively but where there are already significant fractures in the relationship, the added pressure of constant time together might well prove the tipping point that pushes the marriage over the edge.

Police sources have confirmed that they anticipate an increase in domestic violence whilst this pandemic persists which will result in added pressure on the Courts, Women’s Aid and other organisations whose advice and assistance is sought. It is important that whatever the circumstances anyone who experiences any form of domestic violence reports these issues immediately to the Police, seeks legal advice and obtains emotional and practical support. For many, it will be the final nail in the marital coffin. So what should you do if you sense that the marriage is now sliding into an abyss?

Those affected need honest and no-nonsense advice from an experienced lawyer who can help them chart a course through this difficult period and advise them on any immediate and urgent steps that need to be taken in order to safeguard themselves or their assets. They have to have access to initial free legal advice in order that they can be helped to understand the options that they have, explore the assistance that might be available, understand their rights and decide what form of action best suits their circumstances.

Baroness Shackleton and other divorce experts have, in the light of the pandemic, said that they anticipate increasing numbers of divorces in this country and the need to obtain appropriate and experienced advice will rise.

It is important that any advice sought comes from a source that is very experienced in dealing with all the complexities that divorce situations produce – from lawyers that have many years of experience in helping people through the stress and difficulties of divorce and are able to guide people to achieve a secure financial future. The professional ability that Ashtons are able to bring to bear on a case means that our clients often come to seek our advice not only from East Anglia but also from many other parts of the country and internationally.

If you are starting to think that your marriage may not endure for what may be a significant period of enforced or elected isolation, then please do get in touch with our Family team on 0800 915 6037 or enquiry@ashtonslegal.co.uk

We will arrange a completely confidential discussion with you so that the ending of your marriage might well be the start of a new, secure and happier life.

This information is correct at 12.30pm on 26 March 2020.


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