Death rates from cancer are ‘set to fall dramatically’ by 2030

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Posted 26/09/2012

Cancer death rates in the UK are set to fall by almost 17% by 2030, experts predict. Better diagnosis and treatment is the main reason for the change, according to the charity Cancer Research UK. But the improved outlook is also said to reflect the fact that fewer people are smoking. About 170 UK deaths per 100,000 of population were from cancer in 2010, and this figure is predicted to fall to 142 out of every 100,000. The chief executive of Cancer Research UK, Dr Harpal Kumar, said: “These new figures are encouraging and highlight the huge progress we’re making.”

Some of the biggest killers – lung, breast, bowel, and prostate cancer – are part of the trend. The biggest fall is projected to be in ovarian cancer, with death rates dropping by 43%. However, the death rate for other cancers such as those of the liver and mouth will increase over the next two decades.

The Department of Health said: “These figures reflect improvements in cancer services, but we know there is still more to do…Our aim is to save 5,000 more lives every year by 2015 – and halve the gap in cancer survival between us and the best-performing countries in Europe.”

Sophie Bales, medical injury solicitor at Ashtons Legal comments: “It is very encouraging that death rates are due to fall so much by 2030, mainly down to better diagnosis and treatment.  However, death rates for liver and mouth cancers are due to increase and therefore it is evident that further progress is still much needed.

We come across many cases where a delay in diagnosing cancer has had devastating consequences. It is imperative that detection is made as early as possible so that relevant treatment can be given as soon as possible.”


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