Divorce is often an emotionally charged process, particularly resolving the financial aspects of the separation, and what will happen to the children . Without the assistance of a legal professional, the divorce process can be complicated, time-consuming, and in some circumstances, costly.

Our divorce solicitors in Ipswich are able give pragmatic advice and practical guidance, whatever your circumstances, at each step of the divorce process. We understand how difficult separation  can be and always provide our clients with  sympathetic advice.

At Ashtons Legal, we are proud to be recognised for our outstanding divorce service through a number of accreditations, as well as being ranked tier 2 for Family Law by the Legal 500 and Ranked Band 2 by Chambers & Partners

Our team of divorce solicitors are experts in alternative dispute resolution methods, always aiming to navigate clients away from court where possible and instead attempting approaches such as private negotiation, family mediation and collaborative law.

Our Ipswich divorce lawyers can help you with:

  • Applying for divorce proceedings
  • Responding to divorce proceedings
  • Divorce financial settlements
  • Childcare arrangements

Our solicitors can further assist you with other matters that often arise during divorce by referring you to our other specialist teams at Ashtons Legal. They will be able to provide help with matters such as dealing with your family home and/or updating your Will should you need it.

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During the first appointment with one of our experienced family lawyers we will discuss your  circumstances and how our solicitors can help you. This can be over the phone or via videoconferencing for your convenience.

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A step-by-step guide to divorce

How we can help with divorce advice in Ipswich

Applying for divorce proceedings

Making the decision to divorce is a difficult  decision to make, whether its you alone or one you make together.

Since the change to the law in April 2022, when the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 came into effect, the process of divorce has been much simpler and less contentious. Couples that no longer wish to remain married  can apply for a divorce as a sole applicant or if the decision is joint, an application can be made by both parties.   This allows for less conflict and more time to focus on other pressing matters, such as your children and finances.

Despite the change to UK divorce law, seeking legal expertise at this emotional time ensures that everything has been done correctly. Our solicitors for divorce in Ipswich can navigate you through the entire process, including assistance in making a sole or joint divorce application. The family law team will ensure the divorce application is correctly filed in, helping to prevent any problems or delays with the process.

Responding to divorce proceedings

If a sole divorce application is made to the court, the process is slightly different, requiring additional steps. The court will need to send a copy of the application to the respondent, who will then need to respond with an acknowledgement of service form, latest 14 days after receipt. This form confirms the respondent understands that their spouse wishes to get a divorce and that proceedings have been initiated.

Our divorce solicitors in Ipswich can talk you through the form and make sure each section has been correctly filled in. Should you need additional assistance, the team can handle filling out the acknowledgement of service form on your behalf.

Divorce financial settlements

When a married couple makes the decision to divorce, they are faced with lots of considerations, including how their property, assets and personal belongings will be divided. This can often be where disputes occur between the  parties., seeking divorce advice and guidance from a solicitor is wise.

At Ashtons Legal, we have extensive expertise whatever your situation, whether it seeking assistance with a straightforward situation or more complex situations.

Allof our family law solicitors are members of Resolution, which are a network of family lawyers devoted to finding amicable approaches to family law matters, such as divorce.

Childcare arrangements

When you have children, they are the most precious part of your life but going through a divorce can impose some difficulties and disagreements between parents, with those involved worried their parent-child relationship will be upset. These disagreements often relate to where the child will regularly reside, when they will see the non-resident parent, the type of contact they will have and other matters such as how the child will be brought up, where they attend school and more.

When you choose to instruct the Ashtons Legal Family  team will always encourage clients to contemplate the needs and wishes of their children above their own wishes, as they are the ones who can be negatively impacted by actions made.

Our solicitors can assist with non-contentious approaches to arrangements for children, such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods, such as private negotiation and family mediation, which are among of the most popular approaches to resolving matters concerning divorce. Family mediation is a strong suit of our family law lawyers, meaning when you instruct our Ipswich divorce specialists, you are working alongside experts who can provide top-quality advice.

Our childcare arrangement solicitors in Ipswich can provide assistance with matters including:

  • Making a child arrangement agreement
  • Applying for a child arrangement order
  • Specific issue orders (allowing parents to take certain actions)
  • Prohibited steps orders (preventing parents from taking certain actions)

Why choose our divorce solicitors in Ipswich?

Our team of divorce experts in Ipswich offer:

  • Decades of specialist divorce experience
  • A convenient, modern service
  • Quick response times – we will always get back to you quickly
  • Flexible funding arrangements to suit your circumstances

Our divorce expertise in Ipswich has been independently recognised in various ways, including:

Our divorce law fees

At Ashtons Legal, we offer payment options tailored to your circumstances, including:

  • Fixed fees – for matters more straightforward, such as preparing the divorce application. This provides complete certainty over our legal fees.
  • Bespoke fees – for more complex cases requiring ongoing support and a higher level of expertise
  • Deferred fee agreements – where you are waiting for a financial settlement

Before we proceed forward with your divorce, our solicitors will take the time to clearly discuss your situation and the circumstances that surround it. Doing this allows us to provide you with the most cost-effective funding option to suit the needs of you and your family.

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