Starting and running a business involves a number of legal challenges, so it makes sense to get specialist advice from the outset. This helps to ensure you can operate effectively while minimising the risk of any legal issues that could cost you time and money.

Ashtons’ corporate and commercial solicitors in Bury St Edmunds advise businesses of all types – from sole traders to large companies – on all of their legal needs. We can get your venture on a firm legal footing, so you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business and achieve your commercial goals.

By taking a proactive, business-minded approach, we can help you get the right legal structures and commercial agreements in place to facilitate your long-term success, as well as helping with all of the other legal issues businesses typically face. That way, we can help to keep your business safe, while adding real value to your operation.

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How we can help your business with corporate law

Business structures

Whether you are starting a business or restructuring, getting the right framework in place can make all the difference to your long-term success.

Our corporate lawyers in Bury St Edmunds can help you decide which type of business structure is right for you and take care of all the necessary legal details e.g. registering with Companies House where required.

We can also assist with matters such as drafting and reviewing partnership agreements and shareholders agreements, as well as offering company secretarial services.

Corporate decision making

It is essential for businesses to be able to make decisions efficiently and effectively that serve the overall needs of the organisation. For companies, how decisions are made will depend on a number of issues, including how many shareholders there are.

We can advise you on the appropriate processes for decision-making within your business, including using written resolutions and where there may be the need for general meetings to pass decisions. Our team can also provide guidance on what types of decisions will need shareholder approval and how this process should operate.

Terms & conditions

Your terms of business provide a foundation for every transaction you carry out with customers and offer vital protection for your business in the event of disputes.

We can advise you on the issues you need to consider when creating terms and conditions, then draft effective terms of business for you, helping to minimise the risk of future disputes that could harm your commercial interests.

Find out more about our terms of business services.

Commercial contracts & agreements

Agreements with other businesses are often essential for the smooth running of your enterprise, so it’s important to make sure these commercial relationships are built on a firm foundation.

Our team can help you with drafting and reviewing all types of commercial contracts and agreements, including:

  • Investment agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Supplier contracts
  • Commercial property agreements

Intellectual property

The long-term success of a business will often rely on its intellectual property, whether this is as simple as your brand name and logo or more complicated types of IP, such as product designs, technical innovations and databases.

Our corporate and commercial lawyers in Suffolk can help you get the right protections in place for your intellectual property, as well as assisting with taking action to address IP infringement.

Find out more about our intellectual property law services.

Licensing & regulatory compliance

Businesses now operate under an increasing number of legal and regulatory conditions, so it is important to make sure you are in full compliance with these conditions so you can run your organisation effectively and avoid legal issues.

We can assist with all aspects of licensing and regulatory compliance, including advising on licence applications and appeals, understanding your regulatory obligations and dealing with any potential regulatory or licensing breaches facing your business.

Mergers & acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can present fantastic opportunities to grow your business, diversify and strengthen your organisation in other ways. However, they have to be carried out the right way, with proper due diligence, or you risk harming your business rather than helping it.

Our corporate lawyers can guide you through every step of a merger or acquisition, helping to make sure any deal you make reflects your interests and that you get the right framework in place, so you can move forward in a positive way.

Find out more about our expertise with mergers and acquisitions.

Corporate dispute resolution

Disputes can be very harmful to a business if they are not dealt with correctly and, unfortunately, they cannot always be avoided.

We offer a highly effective business dispute resolution service that can help you find effective solutions both to internal disputes within your organisation and disputes with customers, suppliers and other businesses.

Find out more about our business dispute resolution services.

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