Lasting Powers were introduced in October 2007. They are far more comprehensive than Enduring Powers, providing more stringent protection for those creating them.

Where Enduring Powers only provide your Attorneys with power over your financial affairs, there are two forms of Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • a Property & Financial Affairs Power which gives your Attorneys power over your finances and property
  • a Health & Welfare Power which gives your Attorneys power to make welfare and healthcare decisions for you but only if you cannot make the decision yourself. It can also give your Attorneys the power to make of end of life decisions on your behalf

Lasting Powers of Attorney are not effective until they have been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. To ensure your Power is in order we recommend registering it once complete rather than waiting for when it is needed.

Lasting Powers of Attorney Lawyers

  • we are experienced in both the preparation, registration, and operation of Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • we provide practical advice on the options available and ensure that the formalities to create a valid Lasting Power are complied with
  • we help guide Attorneys in performing their duties.


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