Separation Solicitors

Although it is not necessary to take any legal steps upon separation, it can sometimes be useful to do so for both married and unmarried couples as your legal rights as a partner may depend on whether you are married or living together.

Generally speaking, you will have fewer rights if you are living together than if you are married and this is often misunderstood and mistaken for ‘common law marriage’ which does not exist under English Law.

While coping with the emotional challenges that a separation brings, you will need to think about what arrangements will be made for any children of the family. We can also help you discuss an immediate financial arrangement while we consider a longer term resolution.

If you are married but not yet ready to divorce we can advise you on a Separation Agreement to help with all necessary arrangements in the interim.

At Ashtons Legal, our specialist family lawyers will take a clear, sympathetic and supportive approach when guiding and advising you and find the best option for the way forward in your personal circumstances.