Family law requires that both parties in a divorce provide full disclosure of their financial position.

This is essential in order to assess your respective financial claims and how these might be resolved. Family law is clear that failure to provide full disclosure can result in any agreement that is made being set aside later and this can have very expensive consequences.

Sometimes ‘voluntary disclosure’ can be straightforward as both of you may have a clear picture of your assets and any liabilities. You both may be in agreement as to the settlement you want to achieve.  If one person is reluctant to produce disclosure, Court proceedings can be issued to resolve financial matters and, as part of the process, financial disclosure must be produced.

Once we have an understanding of your combined financial positions, we will be able to advise you about the appropriate financial outcome for you. The more information we have about your financial positions, the more specific and accurate our advice will be. The Ashtons Legal family law team are able to provide you with expert advice whilst also being compassionate. Mary Pearce has been recognised for her experience in financial cases.


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