Civil Partnership Dissolution Solicitors

If you are in a same sex relationship and want to make a lasting commitment to each other, a Civil Partnership may be for you.

It will give you most of the security and benefits of conventional marriage. By entering into a civil partnership it means that you will be treated as the other’s ‘next of kin’ under family law, any inheritance will be treated the same as it is for married couples and you will be able to share your partner’s pension if you separate.

If you are in a civil partnership and your relationship breaks down, you can apply to the court for it to be dissolved. The process mirrors a traditional divorce although some of the terminology differs. If you are considering applying to the court for a dissolution, our qualified and experienced family law team can help.

You can also apply for the same financial provisions as a married couple would, both in relation to your own financial support and in respect of any children of the family.