Family lawyers are frequently required to resolve a variety of legal disputes relating to children.

Disputes over children take many and varied forms. All too often children are used as an extension of the fight between the parents – it is common for one parent to withdraw contact from the other as part of that ongoing dispute.

Our family lawyers are experienced in resolving these situations by encouraging dialogue between the parents. If that fails, they will represent clients through the Courts. Our overriding objective is to try and resolve these situations in the best interests of the children who are affected by them.

Each client is unique and over the years we have helped in many ways:

  • we have obtained the reinstatement of contact where that contact has been suspended
  • we have obtained Orders for the suspension of contact when children are known to be at risk
  • we have assisted in situations where the residence of the child or children has been an issue
  • we have been successful in obtaining or changing residence or alternatively the sharing of residence where the circumstances merit
  • we have considerable experience in child abduction matters and in obtaining Orders relating to specific issues and prohibited steps that relate to a child’s upbringing.

Our expert family lawyers can advise in situations where parents are subject to State intervention over the welfare and upbringing of their children. We assist many parents each year in cases where the State attempts to seek Orders which directly affect the parenting of their child or children. Our team combines experience with compassion and are highly skilled when advising parents about their children.

The family law team at Ashtons Legal does not offer legal aid.


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