At Ashtons Legal we understand the complexities of funding and spreading the risks of litigation.

There are a number of different methods by which it may be possible to fund your claim. Generally we charge clients by reference to an hourly charging rate, so that your bill is dependent on the amount of time we spend on your case, and we will invoice you regularly as your case progresses.

In some circumstances we can offer conditional fee agreements, also known as ‘no win no fee’ agreements. Under such an agreement we would only be entitled to raise a bill if your claim was successful, in which case we would be entitled to our fees and also a success fee.

Our team also offer discounted fee arrangements. Under these agreements we charge an hourly rate for our work but agree to discount this until the end of your case. This means we charge you at a lower rate as the case progresses and only charge you for our full rate at the conclusion of the case, if you are successful.

We can also offer some services on fixed fees, for example bankruptcy and possession actions for landlords.

As well as the above our experienced team can advise on the possibility of obtaining after the event legal expenses insurance, and in appropriate cases how it is possible to fund your claim through a third party.

From April 2013 we will also be able to offer damages based agreements or contingency fees in appropriate cases.

We believe our knowledge, experience and use of these funding options ensures we stand out from the crowd.


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