Here are some useful links for dispute resolution clients

Claims for a sum of less than £10,000 are usually dealt with in the Small Claims Court. It is very unlikely that you will be awarded legal costs in the Small Claims Court and therefore it may not be cost effective for us to assist you in these matters. However there is online guidance available for you if you are dealing with a matter in the Small Claims Court.

If you are owed money by someone and the claim is fairly straightforward, you may wish to consider using the Money Claims Online portal. There are clear guidance notes online to assist you with this, and you may also want to refer to the Civil Procedural Rules (which are the procedures Courts require be to followed for any claim).

Citizen’s Advice can assist with a lot of legal issues, including problems relating to small claims, debt and bankruptcy and housing issues. You may also be able to contact a local community law clinic – e.g. the NCLS in Norfolk, the CLSACC in Cambridgeshire and the Suffolk LAC all offer free legal advice, and you can search your local Legal Advice clinic on the Law Works Website. If you’re eligible for legal aid you may be entitled to Civil Legal Advice from the government for specific issues.

Charities can also be a great source of support for specific legal issues: for example, if you need help dealing with a debt problem, the charity Step-change offer a range of support services, and if you have a problem with a tenancy or housing issues the charity Shelter offer a free advice hotline and provide guidance about how to deal with housing problems. Your local council may also be able to help with housing problems – contact Environmental Health if you have problems with damp, mould or other uninhabitable conditions, and the housing department if you are facing eviction.

If you rent your property under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy your Landlord is obligated to have protected your deposit in a government supported scheme and if they have failed to do so you may be entitled to compensation. If Landlord is refusing to repay you your deposit there is helpful online guidance about what you can do to get it back.

If you’ve had a problem with something you’ve brought online as a consumer you may be able to use the EU’s Online Dispute Resolution platform to reach an out-of-court settlement with the company you brought the product from if you live in the EU and the trader is also based in the EU. If you believe a trader has treated you unfairly you may decide to report them to Trading Standards, and for many industries there are also industry specific regulators who may be able to help (i.e. Ofgem).


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