Shareholder Disputes Solicitors

Disputes between shareholders or directors can be the most damaging disputes of all. Trust is lost and if the problem isn’t resolved quickly, the business can fail.

These disputes can often be avoided by a well drafted Shareholders Agreement – and we have expert lawyers who can do this for you.

But sometimes a dispute between shareholders will happen, for any number of reasons:

  • the strategy of the company
  • dividends, salaries and expenses
  • unfair treatment of a shareholder
  • deadlock between shareholders/directors
  • exclusion from meetings and generally not being kept properly informed
  • one or more shareholders treating the company as ‘theirs’
  • the directors not acting in accordance with their strict duties as directors
  • a breach of a Shareholders Agreement.

Working out a strategy to deal with the problem quickly is crucial and can avoid costly litigation. Our dispute resolution lawyers are skilled negotiators when the shareholders just can’t agree, and many of our lawyers are recognised in the national legal directories (Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners) for their expertise.