Grieving widow of Arnold man who died of asbestos cancer seeks answers

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The grieving widow of an Arnold man who died of an asbestos-related cancer is seeking answers as to how he came to contract the deadly disease.

Derek Blatherwick, aged 49 at the time, died in December 2017 at the Hayward Hospice, of cancer of the throat.

But it was only during the post mortem that it was revealed that he had asbestos fibres in his lungs. The asbestos had caused mesothelioma, which is always associated with asbestos and is invariably fatal.

After contact with asbestos, the symptoms of mesothelioma always take two or three decades to appear.  Mr Blatherwick’s symptoms first appeared in 2014, and from 1988 until 1991, Mr Blatherwick was employed by Maintenance Insulation Limited of Wakefield in Yorkshire.

On their behalf, he mostly worked at the Ratcliffe Power Station.  It is thought that he probably came into contact with asbestos at that site.

His widow Julia has instructed lawyers to act on her behalf in tracking down the cause of her husband’s death. But nothing can be done without witnesses who worked with her husband and could verify that asbestos was present at the time.

“Mrs Blatherwick is entitled to make a claim for her husband’s death against any organisation which we feel may be responsible” explains Martyn Hayward of Ashtons Legal. “But in order to succeed, it’s essential that we find witnesses who remember Derek Blatherwick and can provide evidence from memory of the working conditions at Radcliffe Power Station at the time. So, we are appealing to anybody who might have worked there with Derek between 1988 and 1991 to come forward with what you know.”

If you or someone you know worked at Maintenence Insulation Limited of Wakefield, please get in touch with asbestos-related disease specialist solicitor Martyn Hayward by emailing or by calling 01223 431112.

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