Substantial personal injury compensation paid to man knocked down by car

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Posted 08/11/2010

A man who suffered devastating injuries when he was knocked down by a car has been awarded £1.13 million in personal injury compensation.

Slovakian national Milan Rybansky, 34, was working as a journalist in Dublin in December 2004 when the accident occurred.

As he crossed a road in Newtonabbey, a motorist failed to see him and ran into him, causing brain damage so severe that the victim can no longer walk or talk.

Through his parents – who had to retire in order to look after Mr Rybansky – he took legal action against the driver of the vehicle.

Although liability was reduced slightly because Mr Rybansky had been using his mobile phone as he crossed the road, it was not disputed that his injuries were life-changing and that his future care cost will be significant.

As a result, £1.125 million in personal injury compensation has been awarded to Mr Rybansky, who will now be able to live in a specially-adapted home.

In order for compensation to be paid to victims of road traffic accidents, they must be able to prove that another person was responsible. They must also make a claim within three years of the accident.

Simon Davis, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, adds: “This case was dealt with in the Belfast High Court. Damages in England and Wales tend to exceed those awarded in Northern Ireland.

“Mr Rybansky was found to be partly responsible himself and he is to be cared for in Bratislava where care and accommodation costs are cheaper, reducing the value of this award. We would generally see higher awards of compensation here for someone in a similar position.”


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