£20,000 obtained for client whose appendicitis was not diagnosed promptly

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Posted 24/04/2014

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Sharon Allison, a medical injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, has obtained £20,000 for a Norfolk man after hospital doctors failed to identify and treat his appendicitis in a timely manner.

Mr S was already taking medication for another condition, and the doctors also failed to take this into proper consideration when treating him for the problems with his appendix. As a result of these failures we believe that he incurred considerably more pain than ought to have been the case and had to have more intrusive additional treatment than should have been required, including treatment for a pelvic abscess. He also had to stay in hospital for longer than is normal after an appendectomy.

Sharon comments: “Unfortunately acute appendicitis is a condition which needs to be diagnosed and treated promptly to avoid complications. In Mr S’s case, as in many others we see, there was not just a failure to diagnose initially but once an operation had been performed there were also failings in his aftercare which delayed his recovery.”


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