Children from Lakenheath Primary School win prizes for wacky ways to travel project

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Posted 27/11/2015

Children from Lakenheath Primary School, in Suffolk had a fun time during Road Safety Week (November 23-29, 2015) coming up with ideas for wacky ways to travel to school safely. The awareness week called for people to reduce the number of car journeys in order to improve road safety and the environment. To celebrate this idea, local Brain Injury Group member firm Ashtons Legal asked local children to think of wacky ways to travel to school – and then draw this mode of transport.

A number of ideas were suggested – from a magic carpet to an elephant and a solar-powered hover board to a zip wire. Children were also asked to remember safety aspects such as helmets, knee pads, reflective clothing and lights for the fun mode of travel! 240 children at Lakenheath Primary School took part in the competition and the winners in each year group were awarded £10 gift vouchers as prizes for the creative presentation of their ideas.

“Road Safety Week has a very serious message about keeping everyone safe on the roads and part of this is making children aware of their surroundings and their behaviour when going to and from school,” says Emma Vincent, Headteacher of Lakenheath Primary School.

“Our members all work with families of children who have suffered a brain injury, the vast majority of these as a result of a road traffic incident,” says Sally Dunscombe, Brain Injury Group director. “Our wacky ways competition was designed to engage the children’s interest in the topic and spark their imagination, while also emphasising the importance of safety.”

The Brain Injury Group is a national network of specialist brain injury lawyers and support services. Its local member firm Ashtons Legal based at Thetford supported the project and visited Lakenheath Primary School to meet the children, award their prizes and give each child who took part a reflective gift from the Brain Injury Group to help them be seen and safe on the road.

“I was really impressed by some of the ideas our local children had and think they made a great job of showing their wacky ideas in some lovely drawings,” says a partner at Ashtons Legal Solicitors. “Personally I liked the idea of travelling by Space Hopper – bouncing into work each day appealed to me!”

If you have been affected by brain injury visit for help and signposting to services.

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