£25,000 injury settlement for Suffolk woman who fell in a car park

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Louise Harper, a personal injury specialist at Ashtons Legal, has obtained £25,000 for Ms G who fell into a hole in the tarmac of a supermarket car park injuring her knee, ankle and chest.

Ms G fell heavily on the very uneven surface, which had previously been marked as unsafe with bollards which had then been removed. She required crutches for several weeks, was unable to drive for several months, and still suffers instability when walking on an uneven surface.

She also has ongoing pain when driving for prolonged periods and when lying in certain positions. She has been unable to resume power walking or jogging, which she enjoyed before the incident occurred.

Louise comments: “The supermarket’s insurers quickly admitted liability in this case because it was clear that there should have been signage to alert people to the problem with the surface of the car park. This injury claim demonstrates that ‘public liability’ cases like this, sometimes referred to as ‘trip and slip’, often do more lasting damage than you might at first expect so good medical and legal advice is important.”

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