Baby dies after being refused access to Stafford Hospital

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Posted 23/07/2012

A seven month old baby girl has died following being refused access to Stafford Hospital due to the fact that the A & E department was shut at night and the children’s ward was full. Holly Waters, who had previously been a healthy baby, was found unconscious in her cot by her mother on the 28th June.  She immediately dialled 999. A paramedic arrived four minutes later. However Holly was pronounced dead on arrival following the 22 mile journey to an alternative hospital which was based in Stoke on Trent.  Holly lived just 2.5 miles from the Stafford Hospital.

The Accident and Emergency Unit at Stafford Hospital has been shut from 10pm to 8am since last December as the Trust needs to recruit additional staff before the unit can open 24 hours a day.

Holly’s father has said that Holly sadly passed away just two minutes from the hospital and believe that had she gone to Stafford Hospital for emergency treatment to stabilise her condition, she could have then been safely transferred to Stoke on Trent. Holly’s parents believe that she would have been here today had the Stafford Hospital been in a position to provide emergency care to their daughter that night.

Sharon Allison, a medical injury lawyer from Ashtons Legal, says: “This is a tragic case which is completely devastating for poor Holly’s parents and family. I understand that it is not clear what the cause of death was at this stage therefore it is difficult to consider what the potential outcome may have been.  It is clear however that a 24 hour Accident and Emergency Department is a much needed resource and one hopes that the Trust are doing all they can to recruit the necessary staff so that the department can re-open”.


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