£160,000 plus additional rehabilitation obtained for injured Suffolk cyclist

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Richard Foyster, a personal injury specialist solicitor at Ashtons Legal, has obtained a six-figure settlement for Mr T, a man who was injured when knocked off his bicycle in Bury St Edmunds.

His injuries were primarily to his head and face and he has been left with ongoing symptoms of a brain injury although his rehabilitation programme is going very well.

Richard comments: “There was much debate during Mr T’s claim as to the extent to which his failure to wear a cycle helmet would have affected the injuries he suffered. While cycle helmets are always recommended, there is also evidence that the speed of impact can affect how much protection a helmet can provide. If there is more than one impact to the head, this can also make a difference and Mr T suffered two separate impacts, one with a car and one with the road. As with the majority of claims, we bring for clients, one of the most important factors here was good and early privately-funded rehabilitation. This has made a substantial difference to Mr T’s speed of recovery and long-term prognosis.”

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