When receiving medical care, we tend to assume that medical professionals such as doctors, nurses or surgeons, will take good care of us. Sadly, medical negligence does sometimes occur, and when it does, the potential impact on an individual’s life can be devastating.

If you have experienced medical negligence, our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds can assist you. We appreciate that if you have received substandard medical treatment, and come to harm as a result, you are likely to be experiencing emotional trauma, and potentially feeling concerned about the future. Our solicitors will ensure that you have sensitive support, catered to your needs.

Whilst receiving compensation for clinical negligence cannot reverse what has happened to you, it can help to support your quality of life, and lessen the financial burden that this experience is likely to have caused.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds can support you with:

  • A free initial consultation on your claim
  • No win no fee or legal aid funding
  • A negotiation-led approach that means most claims are settled out of court
  • Independently accredited expertise you can trust
  • A very high track record of successful claims
  • A sensitive, personal service to support you during this difficult time
  • A free rehabilitation service to aid your recovery
  • The opportunity to understand and obtain answers about what happened to you

Contact our Clinical Negligence Solicitors in Leeds

To make a medical negligence claim, please contact our experienced medical negligence specialists. You will be offered a free initial consultation to sensitively discuss the particulars of your case so that our solicitors can advise you on the potential merits of any claim that you might have and explain the next steps.

You can get in touch by calling 0330 191 4774, emailing enquiries@ashtonslegal.co.uk or filling in the enquiry form on the right-hand side of our contact page.

Ashtons Legal Medical Negligence Team

Our medical negligence solicitors have decades of collective expertise in helping clients from a variety of different backgrounds. Our experience covers various different types of medical negligence scenarios, including those which are more complicated, for instance, brain injury claims.

At Ashtons, you can rely on our in-depth knowledge of the medical negligence field. We will always provide transparent and realistic advice that you can rely on.

Senior members of our team are recognised by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) as either Senior Fellows or Senior Litigators. They are on the Law Society Clinical Negligence panel, and Sharon Allison, our Head of Medical Negligence, also belongs to the Action Against Medical Accidents (AvMA) Clinical Negligence Panel. Sharon is also the chair of SCIL, which is a national society for Clinical Negligence lawyers throughout the country.

What Medical Negligence Claims Can Our Solicitors Assist With?

Our skilled medical negligence claims solicitors in Leeds can support clients with a wide range of claims, including:

How To Make a Medical Negligence Claim

When you work with our clinical negligence team, we will ensure to carefully explain each stage of the claim to you, so that you are aware of what to expect. Our expert team will guide you through the process, making certain that everything has been handled correctly.

Our medical negligence compensation claims service includes:

  • Assessing your medical negligence claim and arranging funding via a ‘no win no fee’ agreement or Legal Aid, if appropriate
  • Building your medical negligence case, including access to experienced medical experts to support your claim
  • Drafting and submitting a Letter of Claim to the defendant where there is the legal basis for allegations of negligence to be made
  • Mediation processes to reach a settlement
  • Representing you in Court if required
  • Access to our free rehabilitation service for ongoing health support

To start the process of making a medical negligence claim or to find out more, please get in touch. You can also find more information about the specific processes involved below.

We are able to help clients with NHS negligence claims, as well as to raise claims against private medical institutions or organisations.

Our Medical Negligence Claims Service

Assessing your medical negligence claim

When you get in touch with us at Ashtons, we will compassionately discuss the details of your medical negligence incident and what impact it has had on your life, and on those close to you. We always handle our assessments with sensitivity, making certain that you have close personal support, and feel completely at ease.

This primary discussion gives us the chance to gauge the strength of your claim, and decide whether or not our solicitors can help you. Where we believe that you have the basis for a claim, we will explain the options available to you, and ensure that you understand the steps that will follow.

At this stage we will also discuss funding, and explain how our ‘no win no fee’ claims work, or whether your claim is eligible for legal aid funding.

Building your medical negligence case

As part of investigating your claim, our medical negligence specialists will instruct the appropriate medical experts and ask you to provide a witness statement. By taking this approach, we can ensure that no stone is left unturned trying to establish whether or not you have been the recipient of substandard care. By instructing medical experts, we will be able to find out why your injury occurred, and the steps that should have been taken, if any, to prevent it.

To discuss medical negligence compensation in Leeds, please contact our experts at Ashtons.

Submitting the Letter of Claim

If, after our investigation, we believe that you have a case, our medical negligence solicitors in Leeds will start by drafting a Letter of Claim. The Letter of Claim sets out all of the allegations of negligence being made against the Defendant and how any allegations of substandard care caused the injury that you suffered. In addition, it will set out the impact that the negligence has had on your day to day life.

Once the defendant(s) receives the letter, they have a five-month period to respond, either accepting the allegations, or denying that they are responsible for the clinical negligence.

Negotiation processes

If the defendant admits that they are responsible for your injuries as a result of medical negligence, our clinical negligence solicitors will work on valuing your case, and moving towards a stage where settlements negotiations can begin.

At Ashtons Legal, we can handle various methods of negotiation, including written offers, verbal offers, mediation, or round-table meetings.

Court processes

In certain cases, the defendant will deny that medical negligence occurred, and if this happens, we can instruct a barrister, and arrange a meeting with you. At this stage the barrister will liaise with medical experts to determine whether or not the defendants’ denial of negligence is reasonable. Where the medical experts disagree with the defendant’s denial, our medical negligence experts in Leeds will proceed to issue Court proceedings on your behalf.

Our medical negligence solicitors have much experience representing clients in Court, and always aim to secure the highest level of compensation possible. Just because proceedings are issued at Court, does not mean that your claim will go to trial. We will continue to do our very best to ensure that your claim is settled out of Court and spare you the very difficult and stressful experience of having to attend Court.

Free rehabilitation service

We understand that clients may require specialist support, rehabilitation and health care before they receive any interim damages. Our solicitors work closely with our rehabilitation team who work with our client’s to help them access the on-going rehabilitation services that they require.

Medical Negligence Compensation Claims Fees

‘No win no fee’ medical negligence claims

Our medical negligence team in Leeds work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. Essentially this means that our clients only need to pay their legal costs if their claim is eventually successful. If your claim is successful, the defendant will be required to pay the majority of your legal fees. We will always explain to you at the outset what percentage of your damages is likely to be required as a contribution towards your legal costs. Rest assured, you will retain the large majority of any damages awarded to you.

We will explain the full details of any agreement before you commit, ensuring that you understand any legal fees that you may be liable for.

Legal aid for medical negligence claims

In certain cases, it is possible for medical negligence claims to be funded through legal aid. At your primary consultation, our solicitors will review your case, and explain whether or not you may be eligible. Should you qualify, our team will explain the fees process, so that you understand your position.

Why Choose Ashtons Legal?

Our team at Ashtons Legal are committed to offering an empathetic, friendly and high-quality service. We strive to create a supportive atmosphere, helping our clients to feel comfortable and at ease as far as possible.

Our clinical negligence solicitors in Leeds will ensure to explain all claim details in a straightforward manner, avoiding any legal jargon that may confuse matters. Ashtons Legal is a highly regarded law firm. We owe this  to the experience, hard-work and dedication of our solicitors who are committed to providing caring, transparent and effective legal advice.

Our expertise is independently acknowledged by leading client guides, the Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners, and we are commended for Medical Negligence in The Times Best Law Firms 2024. Our team also hold a number of respected accreditations, including Lexcel, AvMa, Brain Injury Group, APIL and many more.

Get in Touch With our Medical Negligence Solicitors in Leeds

To make a medical negligence claim in Leeds, please get in touch with our experienced solicitors. First you will be offered a free consultation to address the specifics of your case, and explain any options for moving forward.

You can get in touch by calling 0330 191 4774, emailing enquiries@ashtonslegal.co.uk or filling in the enquiry form on the right-hand side of our contact page.


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