The whole procedure of resolving a deceased’s estate differs between Britain and France.

It is important to consider the deceased’s domicile prior to death, as this will dictate how the succession is managed. This is not always self-evident, especially as the definition of domicile differs between Britain and France.

It is also important to note that there are no trusts nor executors in France. These variations in French and UK Law can lead to complications for the beneficiaries and also for the lawyers involved in the process.

We have great experience in dealing with cross-border estates and work with Notaires in France and other firms of solicitors in the UK to minimise the problems. Imposition of tax differs between the two jurisdictions, not only how much is payable, but who is due to pay it.

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We invite you to review our guides on French Property Transactions and French Inheritance Law and French legal FAQs. These guides are designed to provide you with a first explanation of the French rules and practices governing property purchases. Please bear in mind that each situation is different and, therefore, it is always wise to seek specialised and comprehensive advice.

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