All French property purchases require the intervention of a Notaire practising in France to complete the transaction and ensure that the necessary stamp duty (droit de timbre) is paid.

We have put together a French Property Purchase Timeline for you, to give you the full picture of all the steps involved. You can access it by clicking here.

Our French Property lawyers will work with you to ensure that your dealings with the Notaire and the agence immobilière proceed as smoothly as possible and that there are no legal or linguistic misunderstandings along the way.

We will ensure that the contract documents are all in order – normally the first contract is referred to as the compromis de vente, the promesse de vente or the contrat de réservation, and the final deed is the acte de vente.

We will also be able to discuss with you the importance of French inheritance law so that you will be able to plan how best to structure the purchase, with a view to assuring the most suitable transfer of your French estate and minimisation of French inheritance tax.


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