Working collaboratively for the benefit of your clients

Ashtons established their Court of Protection team to offer additional specialised support to our seriously injured clients. We have a dedicated team who specialise in Professional Deputyships, mostly for clients with an acquired brain injury. We also manage the affairs of clients who have Personal Injury Trusts.

How do you determine what constitutes the best possible support for your clients?

  • someone who always puts your clients’ interests first?
  • someone who understands your clients’ needs and has experience in finding practical solutions?
  • someone who recognises the key role you play in improving your clients’ lives?
  • someone who works with you as a partnership to meet your clients’ needs?
  • someone who knows and understands the Court of Protection system and can advise on any issues that arise in handling your clients’ affairs?
  • someone who is approachable and easy to deal with for both you and your clients?
  • someone who can take an objective view and deal with pressures that may arise from different sources – including family?

We already work closely with many solicitors and are keen to continue to develop this network of relationships and support as many professionals as we can.

Our team

We are able to act as a Professional Deputy for clients of other law firms who conducting a claim on their behalf. The Deputy is assisted by a team of case workers and support staff. The clients we support are based throughout the country and our client base is growing nationally.

Practicalities of working with you and your clients

Where we are acting as a Professional Deputy, we will look to work with you, your client and their family to ensure their needs can be met in the best possible way.

We are experienced in sourcing specialist providers of everything from adapted cars to computer software and hardware for the disabled. This enables us to provide you with support when necessary to meet clients’ needs as promptly as possible.

Our comprehensive range of contacts includes architects and project managers who are familiar in dealing with adaptations to properties.

Where we work with other law firms we operate ‘no poaching’ arrangements.

We can support other law firms who are conducting the damages claim in maximising their client’s compensation by preparing a statement of anticipated Court of Protection costs for the future and also providing evidence of expenditure incurred to date.

If a family member is appointed as a lay Deputy, we will work together with them to provide required support on day to day practicalities such as operating payroll for carers, removing much of the administrative burden and leaving the Deputy free to make the decisions.

Additionally, we can provide training and support to other professionals on issues surrounding Deputyships and financial considerations for clients to help you improve your relationships with them.

We understand that this can be a very confusing issue for clients and their families and it can be difficult for them to understand. This is why we are always willing to travel to see clients in their own home to guide them through the issues surrounding the Court of Protection and Deputyships. This provides them with the opportunity to ask the questions that are relevant to them and give them peace of mind. They also have the chance to meet the people who may be working with them to see if they feel comfortable that they can work with them in the longer term. These initial meetings are completely no obligatory and if the clients decide that they do not wish to proceed, then we will not make a charge to them.

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you and your clients. Please contact Adrian Mundell on 01842 768778 / 07738 487518 or email


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