Ashtons Legal are recognised nationally for its expertise in assisting clients with the smooth running of their franchise business and consequently it is rare for disagreements to arise. Unfortunately, all business relationships experience bumps in the road and franchisor/franchisee relationships are not immune from this.

Our team at Ashtons Legal has a wealth of experience in providing early expert input to minimise damage to your franchise business. What might seem like a casual grumble can easily develop into a full-blown dispute that may cause disruption to the management of your business and can be more costly in the longer term.

There are times when you must act quickly and robustly to protect your network and business. It is not uncommon for a franchisee to be successful having had the advantage of support, advice and a successful franchise model and decide to “go it alone”. We are regularly instructed by franchisors who wish to act to protect both its interests and those of its network in those circumstances. We work quickly to obtain injunctive relief and damages to ensure the minimum of disruption and maximum protection for your business.

We can also provide diagnostic and risk management advice at all stages of your franchise, whether that is taking on a new franchisee, managing the termination of franchisees, performance management or setting up a new network.

We work as a single franchising team in order to ensure that your advice is seamless, commercially focussed and responsive to your specific needs.


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