Many franchisors overlook the importance of ensuring their franchise agreements are issued and completed correctly.

Common errors include failing to use the correct version of the franchise agreement; not having the correct information specific to each franchisee within the franchise agreement and not having the franchise agreement properly signed by the franchisee.

We have developed two packages aimed at assisting franchisors in issuing the franchise agreement to its network of franchisees either initially or on renewal.

What we offer What’s included Starter package Peace of Mind package
Issuing/Renewal service We will prepare the franchise agreement/franchise agreement renewal for each franchisee. X X
Queries We will respond to legal queries raised by the franchisee or its lawyer in relation to the franchise agreement. X
Side Letter We will draft any side letter which is to be appended to the franchise agreement. The purpose of the side letter is to clarify any amendments or clarifications to the franchise agreement. X
Signature Check We will send the franchise agreement to the franchisee for signature. When the agreement is returned to us we will ensure that it has been properly signed. X X
Documentation e-storage When the franchise agreement has been signed by all parties we will retain an electronic copy of this. X X
Renewal Diarisation service We will diarise the date when the franchise agreement is due to expire and notify you ahead of this date of the pending renewal. X X


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