Karen Turner - Paralegal

Karen is a client liaison officer and medical records collator within the Medical Negligence team.

Karen has worked at Ashtons since 1994 and has held various roles within the Medical Negligence department, all of which have allowed her to gain vast experience and knowledge in this area of law.

She is the first point of contact for new potential clients and it gives her great satisfaction to know that she has done all she can to assist an individual, whether this be through reassuring them and being a trusted ear to listen to the details of the medical care received or through signposting them to the most suitable organisation for their specific needs.

Karen recently spoke to an individual who afterwards got in touch to say: “thank you for listening to my story with so much compassion and care.” 

In her personal life, she has a young daughter who Karen says has more than enough hobbies for the both of them. She enjoys living vicariously through her as a ballerina, a star swimmer and next up, a tap dancer!

Cancer and hospice charities are particularly close to Karen’s heart and in her free time she supports them wherever she can.